Basic Scuba Diving Equipments

scuba diving setThe basic scuba diving equipments are the mask, snorkel and fins.

The mask allows the diver to see underwater. It should fit well and must have a nose enclosure and must resist pressure. The mask is the most important part of the gear because it gives an appreciation of underwater environment, enabling the diver to see clearly underwater and enjoy the diving experience without distraction.

Divers with visual problems can have the choice of having prescription lenses in their diving mask. The snorkel is an important element of the scuba diving gear. It allows the diver to breath underwater without using the air from the tank or having to lift the head on the surface of the water. Such is a vital element for safety.

The fins, on the other hand, create diverse movements of the diver making them move effectively underwater. Fins can either have strap support or heel enclosures. Fit must be perfect in order to maximize their function and move underwater with ease.

A perfect set of fins must be snug but not too tight. The basic scuba diving equipments are necessary for all divers across all levels. However, additional safety equipments may be essential for professional divers or for divers aiming for other functions underwater such as an underwater photographer or researcher. In either case, a diver must be well informed and knowledgeable in the importance of each piece of equipment.

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